Leadership Team 'digital' Capability index

Benchmark your team in terms of its readiness to compete in a future that increasingly depends on technology and the Internet

  • Is your leadership team driving your business forward in terms of deploying and using technology? Click the link below or read on and we'll explain some of the jargon and what we mean by 'digital'

    'Digital' and words like 'digital transformation', when referred to in a business context, are not really about the Internet, technology and concepts like 'big data'.

    They describe the way organisations increasingly service their customers on line, the processes that underpin new on line services and how organisations change their culture and ways of working to continuously adapt to new challenges. 

    The 'digitally enabled' Leadership team will have developed a strategy and operating model to drive change in its organisation - and its executive team will be engaged in making the transformation happen.

    Palladium has developed a leadership capability index that’s intended to help you think about the strengths and weaknesses of your own team and to benchmark yourselves against other organisations.

    The Index has been developed in partnership with Dr Maksim Belitski, lecturer in Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour at Henley Business School.

    We believe completing this survey will give you insight into how digitally progressive your own leadership team is and provide you with direction in terms of where and how it could be strengthened to compete in the future.

    The Index may take you 5 minutes to complete; it will give you a valuable benchmark against other organisations and your peers.

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