Featured Case Study

Digital Due Diligence on a Travel and Tourism business to inform an investment decision

Palladium were appointed to conduct a digital due diligence on behalf of a client for an investment opportunity in an established travel and tourism business. The goals were to assess the sustainability of business performance and the quality of the digital marketing strategy in relation to competitors.

  • Our Approach

    • Analysis of current trends in holiday bookings and market dynamics, our analytics allow us to compare multiple competitors simultaneously
    • An assessment of current digital marketing performance benchmarked against competitors. Using a variety of methods to monitor traffic and engagement
    • A detailed review of current digital strategy and future projections in relation to the competitive landscape
  • The Outcome

    Within three-weeks Palladium produced a digital due diligence report, revealing several key findings to inform the investor.

    The business had a higher brand awareness than its competitors, however Palladiums analysis put this success down to a very aggressive short-term strategy, giving a comparatively low return on investment.

    Overall, this digital due diligence demonstrated that the current approach was not sustainable, and several recommendations were made to improve the current strategy.

  • Engagement Lead

    James Prebble

    Director, Co-Founder