Falling behind your digitally savvy competitors?

Why digital should be part of your
due diligence toolkit

Most private equity investors say digital is high on their agenda, but few have a methodology or expertise to assess digital in due diligence.

Unlike commercial due diligence, Palladium looks at market dynamics using digital insights and the digital capabilities/plans of a business. Our digital due diligence assesses:

Proposition and business model

  • Digital customer and market trends
  • Technology disruption threats


  • Customer centricity
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital attribution and KPIs
  • Tools and processes


  • The product delivery method
  • Data
  • Innovative organisation (values, climate, resources, processes)
  • Leadership

The resulting digital due diligence will show which areas the business is lagging behind its peers in, and what investments are required to achieve true digital excellence.

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About Palladium: award-winning digital transformation consultancy

Award-winning digital due diligence provider of digital consultancy to over 30 private equity backed businesses. Palladium work directly with upper, mid and lower market firms and their portfolios, delivering improvements to their digital capability that accelerate business performance. Our work spans throughout the investment lifecycle: Digital Due Diligence, Digital Transformation and Exit Planning (digital roadmap and Vendor Due Diligence). Our work transitions from the operators and implementers of digital activity through to board level where our input helps support the cultural, commercial and capability impact of digital change.

Digital consultancy that spans the investment cycle