Our business has a simple goal: to be amongst the leading digital consultancies in the UK.

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Palladium bridges the gap between management consultancies and digital agencies. We provide sound insight, develop robust strategies and design excellent solutions using agile methods and digital technologies. Our work transitions from the operators and implementers of digital activity through to board level where our analysis supports and drives the strategic imperative for digital transformation.

If you are someone who thrives in a dynamic culture, is motivated by the opportunity to directly impact the technology, culture and the capabilities of the businesses you work with - and who relishes the challenges that our ever-changing digital world brings, then Palladium is where you’ll find the opportunity to demonstrate and develop your talents.

If this sounds like the sort of environment you’d thrive in, have a read of one of our current vacancies. Alternatively, send us a CV to and we’ll be in touch.

Our Culture

We encourage a relaxed but professional working culture. As a group, we share in both our success and our failures. We're hardworking, open, and above all, honest, both with our clients and our colleagues.

We encourage innovative thinking and there is no 'right' way to do something, but there are always new ways. We are always learning and continually strive to better equip ourselves with industry insight and knowledge.

We are motivated by and focused on successful outcomes for our clients and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Cutting corners is not an option.


  • Perkbox

    We think that people work better when they’re happy at work! Everyone has a Perkbox account where they can access hundreds of rewards and discounts. We also have a Perkbox Team Leaderboard where you can recognise other people’s hard work by sending them virtual awards.

  • Bike 2 Work Scheme

    We encourage Palladiators to keep their bodies and minds active and healthy! You can save up to 42% on the cost of bikes & equipment, and get a tax exemption that saves on income tax & NI contributions.

  • Uber

    We know claiming taxi receipts is a real pain, so we setup the Palladium Uber account. We’ll add this to your existing Uber profile 3 months after you join. Just select the Palladium account when you need a taxi during work hours.

  • Flexible Working

    We understand that working from the office is not always necessary, and that some people work more productively at home. As long as your project lead is aware and you are not required for a meeting or joint work session then working from home is fine by us.

  • Make a Break for it Friday

    You can leave the office early if you’ve got trains, planes and automobiles to catch for you holiday, on the Friday before a Bank Holiday Monday. You just need to start work at 8am and we’re happy for you to leave the office at 2pm to get on with your holiday travels.

  • Social Stuff

  • Food, Drink & Good Company

    When you’re in the office help yourself to fruit, snacks and smoothies. We always keep a fully stocked drinks fridge and we have regular socials. Karaoke, dinner, pub, club – whatever the plan, we think it’s important to spend time together having fun outside of the office.

  • Friday Lunch Stop

    On Fridays, we like to get as many of the team as possible in to the office for a lunch laid on by us. It’s a time for us all to catch up after a week of being out of the office on projects. This isn’t just open to the permanent team but also to associates and partners working with us.

  • Team Meetings

    We take it in turns on Friday afternoons to host the Team Meeting. It’s an opportunity to catch up on what everyone has been working on during the week, track our targets, discuss new business opportunities, make special announcements or celebrate birthdays. We basically relax with a drink on the sofa and mark the end of the working week.

  • Collaboration Sessions

    The Team Meeting is followed by a weekly Collaboration session. Whoever is hosting the meeting is responsible for planning a collaboration session. This can be anything informative, interesting and useful that you want to share with the team. It can be anything from brain storming sessions and wellbeing workshops to inviting in guest speakers.

  • Leaning & Development

  • Mentors

    We see the value in nurturing talent within Palladium. Everyone has a mentor in the business that they’re encouraged to meet with every other week. You can track your progress against our competency frameworks and assess your own personal development needs together. Our managers are genuinely invested in developing junior talent in the business – their own progression is dependent on yours. We do this to ensure that people take as much as they can from the mentor/mentee relationship.

  • Kit

    You know best what you need to do your own work. MacBooks are the standard choice at Palladium – but if you prefer a PC you can ask for a SurfaceBook. Same goes for all hardware and software subscriptions – if you need something to do your job better, just ask and we’ll always try to accommodate.

  • Training

    Everyone has a £1500 yearly personal training budget. We generally split training by ‘core consulting’ and ‘soft skills’. We all do soft skills training together quarterly, which is also an excuse to get out of the office for a day. We’ll do a skills gap analysis based on the individual and find courses for you. We want you to be proactive and suggest training to us that you would like to do.

  • Library & Knowledge Share

    Everyone has access to the Palladium library in the office. (Bodleian rules of return apply!) If there’s a book/course/conference/talk that you think will further your development or be useful for others, let us know. You can even start a coding circle or book club. You’re encouraged to actively broaden your knowledge.