We work with the Palladium team because of their unrivalled experience in our sector.
They offer leading digital consultancy and true sector expertise.
— Zurich Insurance


The healthcare industry on the whole has been slow to catch up with digitally enhanced processes, and a sole focus on healthcare professionals and traditional approaches to marketing and sales have left this global medical device manufacturer behind the competition. In the digital world of self-service, where patients are actively seeking their own information and support online - direct to consumer is now an essential part of the marketing mix.
Palladium provided a digital strategy, incorporating a new method of audience segmentation that allowed them to understand and satisfy patients needs.

Projected results: customer growth of 5% above base


When the market is growing at a rapid pace, soon to be saturated by a mass of new entrants who are delivering innovative approaches to meet consumer need - but lack of brand innovation results in declining growth; it’s time to develop a strategic approach that wins back market share and bears sustainable results. 

Palladium worked with this UK-based FMCG brand to develop a digital transformation that would accelerate growth. We provided a digital strategy, operating model and distribution framework that reflected the trends in this evolving market, as well as the shifting consumer perceptions, behaviours and expectation.

Projected results: 18 month revenue increase of £7m


When new entrants in their sector began to take market share through faster and more agile delivery, delivering more focus on customer complimented by better designed products - this market leader needed to react fast . This global software company did exactly that - by placing digital transformation and service design at the heart of its strategy.

Palladium provided strategy and service design consultancy as part of a global digital transformation programme. As part of the programme we delivered new operating models, global digital strategy and new online sales capabilities, providing the client with a launchpad for future success.

Results: Projected 5 year digital revenues improvements of £50m+


How do businesses procure insurance services today? The answer is ever changing. In a market where relationships and introductions have been key to success, the changing landscape brought about by digital developments has seen focus shift to capturing customers' attention online.

The commercial insurance purchase process is changing and Palladium helped our client prepare for that change. A digital futures programme was developed to understand where the landscape is shifting and what needs to be done to take advantage.

Results: Projected annual GWP increase of 15% across key product lines


Limited digital footprint in a market dominated by digital players left our client battling for share of customer voice. A serious lack of visibility online was damaging customer and trade perception of the Brand.

Palladium developed an end to end digital strategy to help this client dominate the online space. A capability gap analysis identified key channels and the right strategic approach to meet their business objectives. New channels are to be introduced in late 2015 that will dramatically improve the effectiveness of the organisation in the digital space.

Results: Projected double digit revenue increases by end 2016