We deliver digital transformation.

Evolving consumer behaviours, technologies and competitor landscapes are impacting business. Palladium exists to give our clients a competitive advantage through digital. We will work with you to adapt and improve your business, enabling it to thrive in today's and tomorrow's digital society.


COLLABORATIVE – we don’t work in isolation - together we deliver change
AGILE – early and continuous delivery using transform, learn and adapt principles
DATA DRIVEN – data always informs our decisions and recommendations
CONTINUITY – consistent leadership throughout your transformation lifecycle
COMPASSIONATE – we manage the impact of change on your organisation

Transformational services

Formulation of approach to achieve better business performance through digital

  • Situational analysis – undertaken to give the business a perspective of its digital potential
  • Opportunity assessment – identify key areas for business performance acceleration
  • Strategy realisation – acceleration strategy and roadmap for delivery


Design and definition of the digital products and services that will give your business competitive advantage

  • Concept design – defining the products and/or service concepts that will set you on your transformation pathway
  • Feasibility assessment – developing the approach and cost  analysis for delivery 
  • Service Definition – producing prioritised requirements, designs and roadmaps for new digital products and services


Delivering your digital transformation

  • Technology delivery – facilitating the delivery of technology through innovative and agile ways of working
  • Business and customer adoption – the communications, marketing and training required to implement your digital operating model 
  • Cultural change – working with your organisation to embrace digital change


Transforming your social strategy, the way you work and the way you engage your audiences

  • Social maturity and performance audit – analyse and understand your current adoption of internal and external social media
  • Processes, policies and technology – build a roadmap to integrate social across the entire ecosystem of your enterprise 
  • Capability building – reduce time-to-competence; educate, empower and change the way your people work


Connecting you with leading change and delivery partners to accelerate your transformation

  • Alchemy Insight - Designing and building the capability to deliver the brand vision in the reality of the customer experience
  • Digital Decision - A management consultancy specialising in IT strategy, optimisation and transformation
  • Curated Digital – A digital marketing company, with vast experience in organic and paid search as well as content marketing